If you are a law student looking to build an awesome career, here's an action plan for you.
This session will explain how to build an awesome career in Blockchain Law.
1. What does Telecom Law cover? Telecommunications (Telecom) Law encompasses: Telephony Radio Cable and satellite TV providers Internet service…
1. What is Space Law? Space law is the body of laws, agreements, and treaties that govern outer space. Space law covers issues like: rules for…
1. Areas of work Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyers usually work in: Copyright law Licensing Patent law Trademark law Trade secret law Unfair…
What do Maritime Lawyers do? Represent parties litigating over the arrest or release of ships. Represent parties litigating over fees / compensation in…
The starting salary of an Aviation Lawyer in India is between ₹ 17 lacs to ₹ 21 lacs a year.
Financial Law comprises 100+ laws and multiple regulators, tribunals, enforcement agencies, pooled investment schemes, and intermediaries.
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